As a Synagogue, our community supports and maintains a friendly open Shul where no one is ever turned away. 
A cornerstone of Chabad is that we welcome everyone and strive to provide a comfortable and meaningful place of worship for everyone who comes.  If you have difficulty in supporting Membership, Please contact us.

Chabad Synagogue Membership benefits include:

1. Supports a friendly, open shul where no one is turned away
2. Full-time Rabbi providing a full range of professional services
3. A professional Chazan for the High Holidays
4. High Holiday, Shabbat and Yom Tov Services
5. High Holiday Seats at no additional cost
6. Daily Morning & Evening Services 
7. Weekly Torah classes
8. 24 hour Sukkah during the Holiday
9. Holiday dinners and community events throughout the year
10. Reduced fee for use of the Social Hall
11. Kiddush on Shabbat and Holidays
12. Weekly Children’s programs during services 
13. Regular Email Newsletters & Updates
14. Receives Chabad Community Art Calendar
15. 10% off all Jewish Learning Institute Courses
16. 10% off of Western Well Community Mikvah Membership

To join, please complete the Chabad Synagogue Membership form by clicking here.