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 Ways to Give


 Our Sages teach us that the building of a Mikvah is even more vital to the spiritual continuity of the Jewish people than the building of a synagogue. Indeed, Torah scrolls should be sold to fulfill this mitzvah.

We have successfully raised over $300,000 during the original Mikvah building campaign.  Although the stunning Women's Mikvah is now operational, the campaign is still active and there are still opportunities for permanent dedications at various levels.  


Permanent Dedication Opportunities - Areas and Rooms


The Western Well Building - Dedicated $100,000 Men's Mikvah Entrance $10,000
The Western Well Entrance - Dedicated $25,000 Men's Mikvah Room $25,000
Lobby and Waiting Room $50,000 Men's Mikvah Well $18,000
Main Mikvah Room $75,000 Dish Mikvah Room $18,000
Main Mikvah Well $36,000 Dish Mikvah Well $10,000
Bridal Preparation Room $25,000 Educational Resource Area $15,000
Women's Preparation Room $20,000 Mezuzah $10,000
Wash Basin $10,000 Mechanical Room $10,000

                Call to see what Dedication Opportunities are still available. 
Many have been taken, but there are still significant opportunities for permanent dedication.


(Opportunities to Participate - the original category)
 Dedication Opportunities - on plaque board in the Mikvah Lobby

Founders       $5760     Supporters      $1800
Builders $3600 Donors $1000



Gifts may be made in one payment or in installments over a period of three years. Payments may be made by cash, check, or by transfer of securities. Checks should be made payable to the Western Well and mailed to 159 Boden Lane, Natick MA 01760. Please call 508-650-1499 for further information.

All of the dedication and participation opportunities will have a place of permanent acknowledgment.  

Contributions to the Western Well Mikvah, a project of the Chabad Center of Natick, Inc., qualify as a charitable contribution to a 501(c) organization under the internal revenue code.



Send mail to  [email protected]  with questions or comments.
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