Our beautiful mikvah is open for the ritual mitzvah of “taharat hamishpocha”. It is our goal to provide a most pleasant experience to married women from all walks of Jewish life in the observance of the mitzvah of sanctity through mikvah immersion.

The Mikvah is the touchstone of Jewish life and the portal to a Jewish future. Through the Western Well Project, we are reviving an awareness of the beauty, importance and spiritual depth of the Mikvah. We have built a welcoming "sacred space" for all Jewish women of the Metrowest Community. We offer modern women the opportunity to learn ancient yet eternal teachings that connect her to her ancestors, her soul and her God. We are strengthening our community by enabling women to become more spiritually powered and fulfilled. Marriages and families will be nourished and enhanced, ultimately leading to a stronger, healthier community.

Please click here for special safety notice for Mikvah Guests in consideration of the current pandemic.  

The Mei Menachem Western Well combines practical beauty with innate spirituality, allowing for an experience that is relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting.

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