Every week on Shabbat after services, everyone in the community is invited to a sit-down kiddush which includes a wonderful array of salads, our famous delicious "cholent", and some refreshments. 

Sponsorship for the kiddush helps cover the costs and is opportunity for the sponsors. 

It's easy to sponsor a kiddush!  The Kiddush is an affordable and beautiful way of celebrating with the community.  Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, the Yahrzeit of a family member or other family occasion with a kiddush at the shul!    Please click here for more information.

November 16, 2019: 

The Shabbat Kiddush will be sponsored by Arnold and Brenda Zaltas in loving memory of Ethel A. Raider, one of the Founders of the Chabad Center in Natick. 

November 9, 2019:

This week, the Shabbat kiddush is being sponsored by Victor and Chana Gvirtzman in honor of the Bas Mitzvah of their daughter, Rivka Ettel.  Mazel Tov to the entire Gvirtsman family.

Oct. 19, 2019: 

This week, the Shabbat kiddush in the Sukkah is in honor of the Sukkah designers and builders:  Eli Levy, Gary Waleik, Steve Black, Yitzchok Cohen, Ariel Tarasula, Shmuel Bollen and David Rubinstein.

Sept. 28, 2019: 

This Shabbat, September 28, the kiddush is being sponsored by Natalie Waleik in honor of the birthday of her husband, Gary Waleik. Mazel Tov for the birthday and may it be a year full of revealed blessings. 

Sept. 14, 2019:

This Shabbat, September 14, the kiddush is being sponsored by the Chabad Community and Friends of the Joels as a farewell to David and Yonah Joel - in honor of their upcoming move to Chicago and as a tribute to the wonderful contributions that they made over the years to this community in many ways.  David and Yonah will be sorely missed.  With blessing and best wishes for much success on their move.

Sept. 7, 2019:

This Shabbat, September 7, the kiddush is being sponsored by the Berkolayko-Rozin family in honor of the Jewish Naming of their daughters.   Mazel Tov on this special occasion!

Aug. 10, 2019:

Mazel Tov!  

This week the Kiddush is sponsored by Michael Milman in honor of his Aufruf - being called up to the Torah on the Shabbat before his wedding. 

Please click here for more on what is an Aufruf.

 July 6, 2019:

This Shabbat, July 6, the kiddush is being sponsored by Michael Milman and Hadassah Miriam Rest to celebrate their engagement! Wishing them much Mazel and blessing!