Recap of 26th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Recap of 26th Anniversary Gala Dinner


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    Over 150 members of the Metrowest Jewish Community joined together this past Sunday, November 24, 2013 at the Boston Newton Marriott to celebrate the 26th Gala Anniversary of the Chabad Center of Natick and to honor Steve & Laura Black, Gerald and Patricia Clarke, and Dr. Rob Lindeman.

    Jewish Identity, Inspiration, and Education was the theme of the celebration fundraiser, highlighting past and present accomplishments as well as future plans of expansion. A Chanukah latke bar as well as Thanksgiving turkey sliders and full Hors d’oeuvres graced the opening cocktail hour creating a warm festive atmosphere.

    The event featured specialty items from the master chefs of Legal Sea Foods made strictly kosher for this event accompanied with the delicious foods of Catering by Motti.

    The evening opened with an eloquent tribute made by Shaindle Fogelman about her grandfather Rabbi Hershel Fogelman, of blessed memory, the legendary founder and trailblazer of Chabad in the Bay State.

    Shaindle then introduced her father, Rabbi Levi Fogelman, director of the Chabad Center in Natick.  Rabbi Fogelman shared the vision of Chabad and in particular the plans of the Chabad Building Committee outlining how the needs of the community would be served through a newly renovated building, which would house functions that are impossible in the current situation. “I can already smell the scent of fresh Challah just baked by the children who attend the Chabad family enrichment program, I can hear the radiant joy of families celebrating a Bar mitzvah or a simcha in the function hall, I can see the teens gathered in the library and conference room opening up to a discussion about what the future really means to them, I can sense the tranquility of prayers recited in a Synagogue whose ambience enriches the soul…..” shared Rabbi Fogelman.

    Rabbi Fogelman then introduced the recipient of the Community Builders Award, Dr. Rob Lindeman and0168-lind holding plaque adj.jpg highlighted his unique efforts on behalf of our future. “As a Rabbi I’ve seen many things, but rarely does someone approach me, instead of the other way around, asking how he can help regarding the building process.”

     Rabbi Fogelman then said that Dr. Rob Lindeman represents for us a living symbol as to what the Talmud remarks, “just as our ancestors have planted for us, so must we plant fruit bearing trees for our future.”

    Dr. Lindeman graciously responded by encouraging the audience to continue to emulate the miracle of the first day of Chanukah. What is the miracle of the first day of Chanukah? After all the oil in the Temple Menorah was enough for one day, so what miracle happened on the first day?  “The miracle was that despite the fact that they knowingly did not yet have enough oil to continue beyond that day, they went forward with full enthusiasm to continue and jumped in.  It was then that new and unexpected opportunities presented themselves.”

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Gerald and Patricia Clarke, recipients of the “Lamplighter Award”, were introduced by Chabad Business Advisory Group Chair, Marlene Aron.  “Patty and Gerry are intelligent, sensitive and caring as they supp

ort individual as well as community needs.   Gerry’s keen and critical insight has been a guiding light for the Chabad Business Advisory Group.”  The audience was visibly moved when Gerry passionately described transmitting the heritage we were entrusted with from our grandparents to future generations. 


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    Following dinner Mrs. Chanie Fogelman, co-director of the Chabad in Natick, introduced the recipients of the Founders Circle Award, Steve and Laura Black.

    “They are dedicated warm, intelligent and dear friends to many and they are being recognized for theircommitment and involvementin many projects and committees over the years always with respect, integrity, spirit and energy.”

    In his witty and perceptive response, Steve highlighted the fifty years since the JFK’s famous statement and remarked “Ask not what Chabad can do for you, ask what you can do for Chabad.”

    As a tribute to the value of clear direction and guidance in life as supported through the ideals of the Chabad Center, Laura noted, “As a mother of 3 kids on the Natick Football Team, I appreciate the role of the coach.”  

     The elegant evening was climaxed by grand entertainment. Marc Salem, master of the mind, performed a variety of 0287-24609 adj.jpgamazing mind tricks that wowed the crowd with its mystery. 

    Supporters of the Chabad Community went away invigorated and excited about the future of the Chabad Center in Natick!

    Chabad expresses appreciation to the event coordinator, Gretchen Brandt, for her dedication and attention to every detail in helping preparing this event, as well as to the entire Dinner Committee for their efforts which resulted in a tremendous success! The Committee included Marlene Aron, Joanie Ashe, Elana and Saul Berelowitz, Roger Berkowitz, Debby Iken, Rob Meltzer and Sharon Camm, Oren and Irit Mael, and Annette Ziegler.

    Special thanks to Amy Waltzman and Sharon Winn for the beautiful, fun, and elegant centerpieces. Thanks also to Gary Waliek for his assistance with the video equipment and to volunteer videographer Jacob Alford

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