Sarah Lupis, Director of Social Emotional Learning and Operations 

Sarah joins us with a high-level educational background. After completing a Ph.D. (with the Laboratory for Biological Health Psychology at Brandeis University), Sarah now teaches in her alma matter for the Psychology Department. Sarah focuses her research on the intersectionality of emotion and stress, with her main research on development. Sarah will be using her background and current teaching experience to enhance the programming at GEO. 

Sarah will also be working with us in an administrative position. Since 2017, Sarah has worked in Academic Administration within both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. She’s excited to collaborate with the GEO Program to enhance socio-emotional programming, community outreach, and operational systems within the organization.

Sarah's research interests also include predictors and moderators of stress mechanisms, including the effects of age, culture, gender, and body image. She will be utilizing her research and knowledge to empower the students and staff at GEO, joining an already powerful academic environment. Sarah currently teaches with the Psychology Department and the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program at Brandeis.

Most of all, we welcome Sarah for her warmth, enthusiasm and uniquely-suited leadership capabilities. We're also rubbing our hands with excitement at the new ideas and collaborations that Sarah will be bringing to the table (keep an eye out for more info to come). Welcome, Sarah!

Chanie Fogelman, Director

Chanie Fogelman has been an early childhood educator for the past 30 years. She is warm, giving, full of energy and passionate about education. GEO "Greatness Energizing Oasis" is her brainchild. Her vision for the Jewish After School is a unique space–an oasis—for children after a long day at school. As a mother, she understands the needs of both parents and children and aims to fill them.

"Creating GEO is a dream for me," Chanie shares. Chanie is also the Chabad Center of Natick’s Education Director and a certified Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) trainer [available for parenting and professional development training]. She is uniquely creative and approaches each child individually, providing a safe, happy space for their development.

Chanie is certified by the EEC as Director Lead Teacher and previously acted in that capacity for the Metrowest Hebrew Preschool and Happy Garden Day Care.

She is always excited and energized to greet her students as they enter the warm and welcoming doors of GEO Jewish After School.


I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to the US in 1999 with my family.  I am married to Saul Berelowitz and we have two sons, Adam (26), and Michael (21).  Last year we celebrated Adam’s marriage to Shoshana Goldberg.

Currently, I work as a paraprofessional in the Natick Public Schools in an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) program.  I also teach Hebrew School at Temple Israel of Natick two days a week, teaching small group Hebrew and different Judaics classes.  I have taught there since 1999 across all grade levels.  For the past 17 summers I have worked at Camp Grossman as a co-director of the Arts and Crafts program.

I am excited to add the GEO Jewish After School program to my current jobs two days a week!

Hadassah Milman

Hadassah is a teacher here at GEO. The children love her for her warmth and enthusiasm. She is a listening ear and provides each child with individual attention, attentive to their every need. The students’ Hebrew reading skills have improved tremendously and we attribute much of that to the safe haven she creates when working with them.

Hadassah enters the room with a calm, focused energy. She is kind and loving, with an inborn positivity, and the ability to get kids thinking.

As the co-founder and director at The 10Thousand Souls Project, Hadassah comes to GEO with an extensive background in the arts. She’s creative and will take on any challenge: there’s always a solution. 

We’re lucky to have Hadassah on our team at GEO Jewish After School!

Devora Fogelman

Devora is our drama teacher. This year at GEO, Devora has been creating a self-growth curriculum, utilizing her passion and experience with drama.

Devora loves nature, reading and chancing upon life’s harmonious moments. She enjoys jumping in puddles and creating a fun, safe and nurturing environment for anyone she comes into contact with. Devora is also a homework support teacher at GEO Jewish After School and is loved by staff and students alike for her listening ear and easy-going manner.

Devora starred in the movie "One is Not a Lonely Number" and studied acting at the Jewish Girls’ Retreat in Albany, NY. She also studied Judaics and Education in Italy and Moscow and is completing her B.A. On alternate days, Devora is also an English and History teacher at the New England Hebrew Academy in Boston. 

We’re thrilled to have Devora as a member of our team at GEO!


Meet Kaiyah. She’s a third-degree black belt with leadership training and the Director at Camp Villaris Martial Arts in Natick. Kaiyah enjoys working with GEO students–building their skills and confidence—and they love it too.

Kaiyah brings a large bag of equipment, lays her supplies out across the large activity room and the kids practice martial arts with items of their choosing. Afterwards, the room is cleared and Kaiyah activates more activity: working with kicks and punches, discussing safety and defense. Various crawls are performed and, using punching bags, the students build strength.

We’re lucky to have Kaiyah on our team!