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October 2 - 12, 2024

Yizkor Book

  • Dear Friends, 

    The Yizkor prayer, recited in memory of those dear to us and have passed away, is customarily said on the last day of the holidays of Passover and Shavout, on Shmini Atzeret, and also on Yom Kippur.

    A Yizkor book, containing the names of those being remembered is being printed which will be used at our Chabad Center of Natick Synagogue at the Yizkor services during the above mentioned holidays for the Hebrew calendar year of  5784.  All submissions must be in by Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

    One of the significant customs of Yizkor is to dedicate money to charity in rememberance of the soul. Through the act of charity, the soul,  which  is now in a more spiritual world, has a new merit being done in this physical world specifically in his or her honor.  

    Although it is possible for the prayer to be said at home, there is something uniquely poignant about paying such tribute within the confines of the sanctuary – with the Torah scrolls bearing witness. Many go out of their way to show up for Yizkor, even if not consistent "shul attenders" throughout the year. 

    If for whatever reason , one is not able to attend Yizkor service, I am volunteering to  serve as your proxy in offering the Yizkor prayer for your loved ones in our shul – while holding the Torah – on your behalf. This will be done through the Yizkor Book.

    During the service, we will be holding the Torah scrolls in our arms and I will recite Yizkor on behalf of the entire congregation ( even those names that have been recited by those personally by you in shul I will repeat ), pronouncing the name of each departed loved one you ask me to remember for you. I will have you and your family very much in mind and heart. 

    Please complete this form with the names of your loved ones. May their souls achieve and aliya (ascendancy) in the heavens and bring blessing upon us, as well as prevail upon Hashem to bring this crisis to an end as well as an end to all pain and suffering.

    With wishes for a blessed, joyous and healthy Yom Tov for you and yours,

    Rabbi Levi Fogelman

    PS – As mentioned it is customary to give Tzedakah in conjunction with Yizkor, your charity at this time will be used to continue helping members of the Community through various programs.Please fill out the form below,

    PPS - I will also be mentioning the names of those listed on the Memorial Board, as we do during every Yizkor service in the synagogue. If you'd like to dedicate the name of a loved one on our Memorial Board, please fill out the form here.

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  • Input information about the deceased in this section. There is no need to submit the names of loved ones if they are already on the Memorial Board in the Chabad Synagogue. All those who have memorial plaques will be printed in the book.

      For more information about the Yizkor prayer, click here.

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  • To input additional names for Yizkor, fill out the information below. Or, skip and continue at the Contact Information section.

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