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The Code Of Jewish Conduct

Friday, 5 July, 2019 - 3:30 pm

 Dear All,

We all are on a lifelong journey of Learning.
Learning is a key to life regardless of our background, age, life experiences, curiosity, sensitivities, etc. Jews are known to be the people of the Book, our holly Torah & amazing teachings of our Sages.
As the previous speakers pointed out we have a such fascinating heritage to learn from & live by. It changes out vision, our outlook on life, and yet we see that we, the people of the Book, being integrated in the societies we live in brake Judaic laws, marginalizing fellow Jews, defaming, bashing, bulling in schools, not understanding what is true respect to a Parent/ Elder means....
Our mission is to be a Light to other Nations. Doesn't it mean to work on ourselves as much as possible?
So this wonderful book, The Code Of Jewish Conduct, is the one which can help us all in this Mission as it teaches the Jewish laws of conduct. It's for every day life & for the future to raise healthy children & to have healthy relationships in families & in  society.

The book explains the laws of communicating, using right wording, actions, reactions, expressing an opposite opinion, how to reproach, rebuke, forgive.
It also talks about suspicions, flattery, offence, lies, pretense, hypocrisy, jealousy,  etc.
People who are on dating scene will find how wise laws of dating can help.
The book talks about family relationships, meaning & laws of  respect to our parents., upbringing  of children, treating a guest & much more.
I truly believe that this book will serve as a valuable Guide to better life & better community.
Our thoughts, words, actions MATTER - they are heard by our Creator.

I am going to offer a study group for this Book so anyone interested please contact me at with subject " book "
Be well,

By Golda Spitzerev 

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