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Introducing the Great Parachute Debate of 2019

Friday, 5 July, 2019 - 2:10 pm




2nd Day Shavous Special over Kiddush - Monday, June 10, 2019, We continue the celebration of the 3,331th anniversary of our marriage to G-d at Mt. Sinai. *Join us for  the 2nd Day Yom Tov* Kiddush.

The Great Parachute Debate will provide and entertaining and educational presentation by a group of our community members.

(A “Parachute Debate takes place when you find yourself on a doomed airplane, with a number of other people, and only one parachute. Each person gets the opportunity to explain in 4 minutes why they deserve the parachute more than anyone else!)

 *In This “Parachute Debate”  local Presenters will be answering a tough Question…..:: . 

"A million dollars was left to you in a will  to develop or find a curriculum and course that would inspire and influence Jewish high school students. There are 1000 students who are Jewish, ready to take the course but have so far only a minimal Jewish Education.

You can positively influence 1000 young people possibly even future leaders and improve  the world. However, there are strings attached to the money. You must base the entire course on teaching them only ONE Torah book from Jewish history since the Torah was given on Mt Sinai. You can pick any Torah book you want, but only one.


Which special Torah Book would that be and most importantly “Why”? Why would the meaning of this Book accomplish more for the future of the Jewish people and the world more than any other one?


In this blog the presenters share why their chosen Torah book deserves the parachute. 

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