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Renovation Update - Shul Ready in Time for Purim

Wednesday, 4 March, 2015 - 6:32 pm

In the current Torah Portions, we read about the construction of the Mishkan in the desert. In keeping with the statement of the Alter Rebbe “that a Jew must live with the times” -with the Torah portion of the week, I am pleased to share a brief update regarding our mini - Mishkan Renovation project for the Chabad Synagogue and Center.

We are delighted to let you know that the renovation of the Shul Room is beautiful and has now been completed!

As of this Shabbos, Parshas Tetzaveh and Zachor, the Shul has been moved back upstairs. There is also a bathroom facility available for use. Please join us this Shabbos as we also read Parshas Zachor.

Beyond, the Shul Room, however, there is still renovation work being done which is requiring special attention to detail, and as a result, ends up taking more time than we had wished for. These include: A special design the Ritual Sinks in the Foyer, a particular type of carpet on order for the Library Conference Room, a particular material and cut for the counter of the sinks in some of the bathrooms. (I know its hard, but please join us in being patient!)

Although it is not yet complete, I would, in the meantime, like to take this opportunity to extend gratitude for all those people who have been involved and continue to be involve in the various dimensions of the work it takes to make a community project happen.

As in last weeks Parsha of Terumah – “Gifts”, we would like to thank the many people who contributed for the Renovation Project.

The Torah also mentioned the “Wise Hearted” who were involved in the planning and building.

So thanks to the Building Committee Members Bob Aron, Steve Black, Rob Meltzer , and Shmuel Bollen for their planning from the start, dedicated work in attention to detail, and for their continuous efforts to make this happen in the most beautiful way.

Thank you to Yitzchok Cohen, our Building Manager, for planning, coordinating and executing the moving of the Shul Furniture and setting the Shul back in order upstairs. He was assisted by Dan Nouriel, Shmuel Bollen, Rivka Edwards, Steve Black, and Ben Dain.

Special thanks also goes to the wonderful team of “Ark Builders” from Temple Israel who have volunteered to guide and work with our Chabad Builders Group. The Chabad Group, is headed by Shmuel Bollen, Yitzchak Cohen, Steve Black, Lisa Zemack, and Alon Yaari. They are busy planning to the design of a new Aron Kodesh and other Shul furnishings. They have already begun with the extra effort to refurbish our Mechitzas. Thanks to David Joel, Shmuel Bollen, Steve Black, Lisa Zemack, Cathy St. Germain ,Rivka Edwards and Leib Bollen for a great job in planning and making this happen!

Please join us on Purim to say L"Chaim and rejoice!

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