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Chabad Renovation Project Recap - Week 1

Thursday, 13 November, 2014 - 1:40 pm

Great Holiday Month/Exciting Plans Underway at Chabad

From A Great Holiday Month to RENOVATIONS for a new updated CHABAD Center

The month of Tishrei at Chabad was celebrated with beautiful services, meaningful events and classes with a very joyous and festive Simchat Torah Finale.

Following the Holiday month, and during the week after the wedding of Mendel and Mushkie Fogelman in Maryland, a Community Sheva Brochot was held at the Chabad Center.

During this week Renovations at the Chabad Center have begun. On Sunday, a group of dedicated Chabad volunteers were working feverishly to prepare the main floor for demolition of the existing internal walls which began on Monday. Yitzchok Cohen and Steve Black were joined by Orit Cohen ,Chana Milman, Dan Nouriel, Saul Berelowitz and Yosef Derkach to help move the entire Shul downstairs and box many books and items for storage in many well planned places in the building. On Monday, all the internal walls and the bathrooms on the Shul floor were removed followed by removal of the ceiling tiles. During the week Building Committee Member Bob Aron arranged the Plumbers, Hvac . electricians and carpenters to visit another time to coordinate the plans and schedules.

During the Renovations, all services and minyans for the Chabad Center will be held downstairs. At the regular times The children’s Shabbat program will be held in its regular place on the second floor. There will be no acess to the main floor and the entrance to the Shul will be in the rear of the building. Parents are asked to take extra caution in supervising their children to respect the separated and cordoned off areas. During Shabbat morning services, the mikvah building will be available for use of its restrooms. However, children are not allowed to be in or around the Mikvah building even for the restroom use unless accompanied by their parent or an adult they have designated.

Many dedicated people have contributed to this special project. There are still opportunities available. To make this project even better. For a personal tour and how you can help , please contact Rabbi Levi Fogelman at the Chabad Center.

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