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How Goodly Are Your Tents - Minyan Appreciation

Friday, 21 June, 2013 - 12:26 pm

 Dear Friends,

In Parshas Balak the Torah tells us about how G-d transformed the negativity the evil prophet Bilaam intended to place on the Jewish people and transformed his intended thoughts into actual blessings.

One of the blessings and praises (now a part of our daily prayers), Bilaam was forced to recite was: “How goodly are your tents O Jacob, the dwelling places of Israel”. Our sages of blessed memory have remarked that one of the meanings in the words “the dwelling places of Israel” is that “these are the Houses of Prayer and the Houses of Study of the Jewish People”.

This week we were fortunate to enjoy a renewed energy in our Chabad Center of Natick “House of Prayer and Study” with a complete week of regular Minyans both evening and night. As a result of the services we were also able to add to our regular schedule of Torah study sessions and even had 2 Gatherings, one in honor of the Holiday of the 12th of Tammuz ( please see for more info on this holiday). 

“How goodly are your Tents O Jacob and the Dwelling Places of Israel” had particular meaning for me in our Shul this week as many people came to support the thrice daily Minyans to allow me the opportunity to say Kaddish without interruption for my father, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman of blessed memory. Many of you have made commitments to continue to strengthen the Minyan the entire year and I especially very grateful to you for that. Thank you.

Special thanks goes to our esteemed Minyan Manager Yitzchok Cohen for his continuous dedicated efforts in this regard and to Dan Nouriel for his support. As this is an ongoing effort and- with Hashems help – we hope to continue to make the Daily Minyan a solid constant, please feel free to contact Yitzchok Cohen to let him know when you will be able to attend or to be added to his distribution list. His number is 508-479-9463 and his email is 

Looking forward to seeing you in Shul this Shabbat!

Rabbi Levi Fogelman








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