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GEO Fun Week Ending June 6 2024

GEO Fun Week Ending June 6 2024


GEO this week... a new Aleph champ level passed - congratulations to Noa ... a birthday party - happy birthday Mia... a beautiful end-of-year celebration - more on that next week. So many more amazing activities enjoyed this past week. Enjoy reading highlights of each day.

Monday's young GEO scientist explored all about flowers (in connection to Shavuot) and bees and crafting a flying bee that could go and collect pollen. Some studying of the differences between bees, honeybees and wasps during the crafting process.

Tuesday with Morah Hadassah - The students worked in some Torah crafts celebrating their connection and inheritance of the Torah (“what does it mean that it’s mine?”), as well as completing the “Journey out of Egypt” books.

Tuesday with Morah Elana - The Torah Scholars explored what life was like in the desert and how Hashem’s miracles helped them survive. Lots of interactive activities like cloud putty, tasting “mahn” and making water flow out of a rock. Students also used a robot to trace the Jews’ path in the desert. They each created beautiful challah covers!

Wednesday - More Torah crafting was enjoyed all together. Some kids got started on a special "Am Yisrael chai" T-shirt. Everyone else will be making it the beginning of next week.

Thursday with Morah Hadassah - the students played a Pass-the-parcel game to Shavuot music to uncover and learn about the 10 commandments, then learned about the custom of eating dairy foods on Shavuot, and looked at different meat and dairy dishes. In a game, two teams had to get as many of the dairy dishes unto their wall.

Thursday with Morah Elana - The students created posters to review how we know if manufactured products are kosher. They sorted pictures into meat, dairy and pareve and created a menu for a dairy or meat meal. Used a crack the code activity and played a memory game to figure out what makes animals and fish kosher. The students also started exploring enjoyed different activities learning more about the 10 Commandments.

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