GEO Fun Week Ending May 31, 2024 - Chabad Center of Natick
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GEO Fun Week Ending May 31, 2024

GEO Fun Week Ending May 31, 2024

This week at GEO was filled with lots of hands-on learning through art, drama, and fun activities. The kids even got to use clay for a unique topography project.

On Tuesday the students learned how Moshe prepared the Jewish people - after so many years in the desert - as they were about to enter the land of Israel. With G-d’s promise about to be fulfilled, Moshe readied the Jewish people by dividing the land for each tribe (great excitement: who will live where and next to whom?). Then through a fun in-boxing game the kids learned about what Moshe wanted to make sure they knew: the land is very good with delicious fruits, Hashem is always watching and aware,  reminding them that the Torah will be their guiding light and that they should stay strong in doing lots of Mitzvot. 

Then the students got super creative filling in their maps to create their own beautiful Israel. Their topography out of clay is a must see!!! There are lakes, date and pomegranate trees, camels and dogs, flowers and mushrooms, weddings and love and so much more…  Time to celebrate! 

Wednesday we took advantage of the gorgeous outdoors.  The kids worked on painting their unity murals outside.  The walk down the block to the Cole Center field was so much fun.  Sushi making is always special! 

Thursday it was time to start learning about the upcoming holiday of Shavuot. Each student picked a mountain and argued their case why they were the best mountain to be chosen for the giving of the Torah. Hashem chose Sinai because it didn’t boast or brag, Sinai was humble. Afterwards the students enjoyed making beautiful flower art and bouquets.

GEO Collage may 31.png 

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