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GEO Fun Week Ending May 24 2024

GEO Fun Week Ending May 24 2024


Can you guess how many Aleph champ Medallions were awarded this week? Well, there were 4 students who completed their levels this week, so we had 2 purple champs! 1 blue champ! and 1 yellow champ! Each kid advancing at their own pace and making great progress!!!

Everyone has also been painting their own segment of a mural which will ultimately join together to be a beautiful ❤ unity mural. We will continue working on this next week as well.
Well on hot days, I scream, you scream, we all scream for - at GEO we are 👂listening and loved treating the kids to 🍦 ICE CREAM! So much creative and fun exploration and activities this week. Here are some of the details - not even all :) Earlier in the week - the GEO Scientists need to help the Feathered Firefinch (he reminds us of the bonfire on Lag BaOmer…), keep it’s eggs safe and protected. What keeps an egg from rolling too far? The scientists observed different textures and had to try to interpret which materials would work well to build a nest and which colors would make it be hidden. Other creative play followed.
On Tuesday the students learned about the history and teachings of Rabbi Akiva following along through a story coloring book, how he was once a poor shepherd who didn’t even know the Aleph bet until he was 40 years old (“we could teach him!”), who with persistence, patience and the support of his wife became a great Rabbi. They also did a “Love your fellow as yourself” worksheet, a teaching which Rabbi Akiva said to be a major principle of the Torah. Focusing on the words people use some great discussions arose.
On Thursday they continued learning about the upcoming celebration of Lag Ba’Omer, this time focusing on Rabbi Akiva’s student, Shimon BarYochai, who had to hide in a cave with his son for 12 years due to the decree against studying Torah. Hashem sustained them during this time through fresh water and a carob tree. In keeping with elements of the story the children had to look at each other with kindness and point out good things about each other to come back out of the cave. Afterwards there was some kite making and many other creative endeavors (like fun clothing decoration, fluffy galaxy gifts and kind notes to their friends). Remember to join us this Sunday if you are around to celebrate Lag BaOmer and these special people Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who taught us so many great lessons.


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