GEO Fun week of Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2023 - Chabad Center of Natick
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GEO Fun week of Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2023

GEO Fun week of Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2023

GEO - Truly a Greatness Energizing Oasis!!!

Highlights from this amazing week! Exploring water droplets and surface tension through run activities... Acting out the Torah stories - a favorite was Moshe looking for the lost sheep... the engineering challenge for digging wells... making sushi... a new Aleph Champ awarded... Robotics with the awesome highschool team... field trip...

Check out the details shared by our talented and dedicated teachers below the collage.  Enjoy this snapshot.  Many more photos are shared in a private group of GEO families. 

GEO Nov 2 2023.png

From Morah Elana Berelowitz - 

Tuesday Update

Our student archeologists had so much fun digging for items connected to the story of Moshe and slavery.  They also deciphered some hieroglyphics to help them!

Thursday Update:

Students explored the mitzvah of Gam Zu LeTovah with Readers Theater, scratch art, storytelling and conversation.  They learned how Hashem creates a colorful world, and that things happen for the greater good.

From Morah Hadassah Milman - 

Monday: the GEO scientist get another letter in the mail, this time with a map of Supraland and pictures of the robots missing friends which are probably hiding in a place they would like. After learning about them and finding them, the children practice creative engineering by designing their own story setting and learning more about each other. 

Tuesday: We continue play-acting with the book of Shemos, how and why Moshe is called to be the one to take the Jews out of Egypt. 

Wednesday: Lits of fun playing outside enjoying the weather after intensive robotics.

Thursday: Jewish hero is Rivkah. They all share that they know someone with that name, including one of our own, and the beautiful qualities and significance of her life. Also: some creative jewelry and camel making out of clay, beads and yarn, and (hopefully) some learning how to talk more kindly ourselves.

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