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GEO Blog for Week Ending 4/11/2024


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If you think getting ready for Pesach is hard... not at GEO.  At GEO getting ready for Pesach means, crafts, fun problem solving challenges, action packed activity, drama and role playing.  In addition, there's been the karate, robotics and moving along in Aleph Champ.  Congratulations to Amit, our newest Brown Champ! 

Our exciting week actually started off 
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-09 at 8.34.15 AM.jpegwith the Solar Eclipse.  We were at GEO Jewish Afterschool during peak time and got to experience this special event together. It was really exciting to see with the safety glasses, and also with special projectors of various kinds that we prepared. Afterwards we went inside to make edible eclipses showing how it works and then eating it.

Monday with Morah Hadassah in the lab: The GEO Scientists were asked to be detectives today and join the PAPD (Passover Police Department) to solve some crimes and mysteries in the neighborhood. There was chametz hidden all over the building, wrapped in little foil (at some point the Chabad security was so good that they had cleaned it all up before we even got there). The neighbor grocery said he had lots of strange Matzah packages show up in the store, could they please come and check which ones are kosher for Passover? 

How about the Matzah Mario’s, slow baked for maximum flavor, risen to perfection. Or the Pesach Shoppe’s Matzah boiled in under 18 minutes. Or Hole free Matzah - kids love it! 

It took some careful examinations of lots of packages but the detectives were not fooled and gleefully destroyed all the fake ones. 

Tuesday with Morah Elana: Students spent time learning how we get ready for Pesach with the 5 steps of cleaning and the items we need for the Seder table and  seder plate.  They role played burning Chametz and used an online game to learn about the Seder plate.  They also used hidden pictures to figure the different names for Passover.  Then the students created beautiful tissue paper decoupage seder plates!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-09 at 10.02.53 PM (1).jpegTuesday with Morah Hadassah: the kids started making Seder plates, and learned how to set up a Seder table - them helped out some animals who couldn’t find their Seder items or how to set it all up. Also some reading of the Exodus story. 

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Thursday with Morah Elana - Students created nice comfy pillows to use at the seder.  They played a board game to review the Pesach story, and a 4 in a row game to review the rituals of Pesach.  Since this was a FOUR in a row game, we used the opportunity to talk about the significance of the number 4 at the Seder!

Thursday with Morah Hadassah: Finishing up some of the Seder crafts to take home- including some very cozy pillows to enjoy our Seders with a true sense of freedom.GEO4.11.2024.png

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GEO Blog for week ending 10/19/23

Every day at GEO is a new adventure! From the lab of discovery on Monday, to digging to find the Pyramids the next day to our new favorite... Robotics with the Natick High School... to Prize Day - Yay!!! Let's hear more details about this amazing week straight from our teachers.

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Morah Elana's Recap -

Tuesday: students were excited to receive their new Torah Books/Chumashim and they enjoyed exploring and decorating the cover.

Thursday: Students have been exploring the mitzvah of bal tashchit, and learned that it means do not destroy and do not waste. Activities included stories, crafts, write around posters and movement games. Students made trees with leaves where they shared ideas of how trees help the eco system. They also created a sculpture using recycable materials and decoded a secret message in their journals about wasting.

Morah Hadassah's Recap -

Monday: The GEO Jewish scientists are called into action again. Hoseli the Robit has been learning all about how Hashem separated the darkness from the light and created a colorful world. Unfortunately he only has black markers and wants to cheer up a sad friend. The scientists investigate what is black actually made from? Through capillary action they watch the colors of the black markers separate. Then we try to make our own black using those colors, mixed into oil and water. Lots of more fun experimenting from there.

Tuesday: our journey to Israel has started but for now life is hard in Egypt under Pharaoh, first building and then excavating some pyramids to give us some clues about what happened. It’s hard work, but lots of great discoveries are made.

Wednesday: Torah is like water and we can’t live without it. They make paintings of water with oil pastels and watercolors.

Thursday: Jewish hero of the week: Sarah. In honor of the cloud which rested over her tent we made some cloud slime and some continued to make the intricate woven bowls to represent Avrahams and Sarah’s hospitality.

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