Recap of Rosh Hashana High Holidays 5782 at Chabad and Thank Yous - Chabad Center of Natick
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Recap of Rosh Hashana High Holidays 5782 at Chabad and Thank Yous

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We are off to a great start of a New Year - thanks to so many people... It's been a full productive and meaningful week. The beginning of the week was focused on preparing for Rosh Hashana, setting up for the community dinner, making sure all was in place for services and preparing all the details of the family and children's programming from the schedule to the bags with goodies and items needed for the activities. There were also food packages which people helped sponsor and distribute before the holiday.

As the sun was setting on Monday, the women ushered in the holiday with the candle lighting at the Chabad Center. Prayers rang out outside in the tent. Afterwards it was a full house who joined for a festive Rosh Hashana dinner enjoying fish, salads, kugel, chicken as well as delicious side dishes. Starting off the meal with the apples dipped in honey and ending off with honey cake and ice cream - we are all ready for a year filled with sweetness.

On Tuesday, once again the tent was filled with congregants from all walks of Jewish life who came to pray or even just came to hear the shofar. The prayers were led by Rabbi Mendy Tubul with stirring and beautiful singing. Rabbi Levi Fogelman inspired everyone with his heartfelt and touching words about our perfect and imperfect world - with stories and practical message on where we fit in and how we can and are supposed to move forward and accomplish even if we can't do it all.

The highlight for many on Tuesday was the family program. Up on Mikvah hill adjacent to our tents (but removed enough to do our thing) were a dozen tables all around the perimeter. The tables were full and the fun was real 😉 We partied with games and activities on the theme of birthday bash for the world - anniversary of creation of mankind (which was on the 6th day of creation). We did a Tashlich walk - we are so lucky to have Beaver Dam Brook right next to Chabad. Upon our return, Rabbi Levi Fogelman made kiddush for all the families and then it was lunch time. The sandwich bar was a hit! During this whole time services were still going on in the tent below. The grand finale for all was the final Shofar blowing on the grassy area right in between the tent filled with the congregants and the families on the hill thanks to Shmuel Bollen.

Later in the day we were out again greeting other individuals and groups who were walking by Chabad on their way to tashlich. People were stopping by at the table full of goodies and drinks and wishing each other Shana Tova.

There were more prayer services that evening and the next day. There were also people making the rounds to blow Shofar for others in their "spare time" - enabling many who couldn't make it to Shul to hear the Shofar. All in all it was a truly meaningful and active holiday. We are looking forward to more celebrating in this month full of holidays.

So many wonderful people were involved in helping, from coming in Sunday and/or Monday for hours to set up for the dinner, to setting up the bags for the children's programming, to baking the honey cupcakes and Challahs the week before, to meeting in the weeks before to help with planning, and the huge job of putting together and setting up the tent. Thank you to Karen Edwards, Orit Cohen, Hadassah Milman, Golda Spitzerev, Irina Rozina, Gary and Natalie Waleik, Yael Wasserman, Myrna Winter, Ariella Yaari, and Devora Fogelman. We are also grateful to the many people who joined us for dinner and services and any time throughout the holiday - you all made it special.

Everyone knows that services at the Chabad Center of Natick are open to all - and whether someone gave a larger donation or no monetary donation but brought their presence, or anything in between, EVERYONE was and ALWAYS is WELCOME just the same. But of course there are expenses involved in making it all happen so... thank you to all who contributed financially in any way - you helped make this all possible. There were two contribution categories which we said would be publicly recognized.  Thank you to Marlene Aron for High Holiday Security Sponsor and Gary and Natalie Waleik for High Holiday Tent Sponsor. Our deep appreciation also for the amazing members of the security team!!! And last but most importantly, thank G-d for an amazing Rosh Hashana, and yes, the unbelievably clear blue sky and warm weather on both days helped a lot!

No photos were taken on the holiday. The pics here are of setting up beforehand.

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