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Daily Minyan and Fresh Brewed Coffee
Did you always want to become a Minyanaire?
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Chabad's daily Morning Minyan is held Monday through Friday beginning at 6:15 AM and over by 7:00 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Mondays and Thursdays services are over by 7:10 AM.

PLEASE NOTE: On most Legal Holidays, Morning Services go according to the Sunday Schedule - beginning at 8:30 am. Yom Tov/Jewish Holidays follow a different schedule. Please check the High Holidays Schedule on the website.

There is a minyan most of the time - but it's not guaranteed. If you do not come regularly and plan to stop in because you need a minyan, please check in with Yitzchak Cohen at 508-479-9463 regarding the status of a particular morning or evening.

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Daily Morning Minyan

Day of Week Begins AM Ends
Sunday 8:30 9:15
Monday 6:15 7:10
Tuesday 6:15 7:00
Wednesday 6:15 7:00
Thursday 6:15 7:10
Friday 6:15 7:00

Daily Evening Services - Maariv in the Winter Months

Day of Week Begins PM Ends
Sunday 8:00 8:15
Monday 8:00 8:15
Tuesday 8:00 8:15
Wednesday 8:00 8:15
Thursday 8:00 8:15

Join anytime! If you would like to come on a regular basis please let us which days work for you.
To strengthen the daily morning and evening minyan, please contact Yitzchok Cohen to let him know which day/s of the week you can commit to coming. His direct number is 508-479-9463. You can also contact Yitzchok Cohen by
email to let us know when you can/cannot attend.