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Indoor Minyan Protocol and Reservation

  • Welcome to Chabad Natick Synagogue Indoor Services for Shabbat and Weekends!

  • Welcome to Chabad Natick Synagogue!  After several months of holding Services outdoors in the back of the Chabad Center, we are excited to finally be able to go back indoors for Services.  In consideration of the current Pandemic, we have been in touch with the Natick Board of Health to discuss the guidelines and have received their approval to go ahead.  Thanks to a dedicated committee of individuals from our shul, we have taken precautions to make sure that we are in compliance and keeping everyone safe.  Number of attendees per service will be limited.  We have also recently purchased and installed MERV-13 filters for the HVAC system. Naturally this has all been an investment of time, energy, and resources. 

    Currently we will be holding services indoors on a limited schedule for Friday Evening, Shabbat Morning, and Sunday morning.  If you choose to join us at this time, please do your part to help keep everyone safe and happy.  

  •  (High Holidays daytime services will be held in a large tent outside.  Separate page for that with details are being worked on currently and will be rolled out soon.)  

  • Current Schedule of Services:

    Friday Nights           5 minutes after candle lighting - 30 minute Kabbalat Shabbat service

    Shabbat Mornnings       11:00 am - Torah Reading, Sermon and Musaf

    Sunday Mornings        9:00 am - 40 minute service

  • Current Shul Guidelines for Health and Safety

    - Masks must be worn at all times
    - Purell upon arriving 
    - Please stay home if - you are sick or not feeling well
    - Please stay home if - you have been sick in the last 2 weeks
    - Please stay home if - you have been around anyone with Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks
    - Chairs will be designated by name for each individual who has signed up. Please use the chair that was assigned for you and do not use any other chair. 
    - Your seat will have a ziplock bag with your name on it, and it will include a Siddur, Chumash and Tehillim.  Please leave on your chair after the service.
    - Soft singing along with Chazan is fine but no loud singing
    - Aliyot will be recited from your seat
    - Chairs should remain 6 feet apart 
    - Bathrooms are available - please disinfect after use with provided spray
    - Please exit the building after the service - do your best to stay 6 feet apart at all times
    - Upstairs, downstairs and the conference room are off limits
    - Children are encouraged to attend if they can remain seated in their assigned seat in the shul room
    - There will be no supervision for children
    - Parents bringing children must make sure that children understand clearly what is expected
    - No hand shaking or hugging

  • Please check off below that you have carefully read the above protocol and agree to abide by them.

    If you are filling out this form for other members of your family, please make sure you have read to them the above protocol and they understand what is expected.

  • As seating will be assigned in advance, and is calculated in the limited spacing, each family member who plans to attend must be listed in the sign up below.  This registration page will close when we have reached our maximum number of allowable seating.

    When you sign up now, it is good for weekend services for the next while until further notice or changes mandated by law.  We cannot accommodate reservations received on Friday for that weekend.

    This RSVP does NOT cover High Holiday and other Holiday specific services.  Separate sign-up will be required. 

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  • We thank you for working with us to keep our community safe and healthy! 
    We will continue to stay updated as there are changes to governing requirements. 
    We look forward to seeing you in Shul!

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