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Ten Commandments At Chabad with Protocol

  • Shavuos Torah Reading at Chabad Natick

    After consultation with Medical and Halachic authorities, we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity to hear the Ten Commandments read from the Torah on this Shavout morning.

    However, it should be understood that what we are introducing below has very specific guidelines and protocol. We take the safety of the Community seriously and anyone wishing to attend must pre-register. There will be no exceptions. It is also to be considered a pilot program. We very much look forward to being able to offer other services in the near future.  

    Please read the details of the protocol and note that your consent form must be received no later than 3:00 PM on Thursday, May 28. 

    • Yom Tov day only (Friday, May 29 th )
      • Everything depends on the weather - in the event of rain at noon on Friday the event will be canceled due to the fact that we will not be able to bring the Torah outside.  
      • We will begin the Torah Reading promptly at 12:00 PM on Friday
      • Please bring your own Talis
      • Pamphlets will be available with the Torah Reading
      • Please daven at home up to the Reading of the Torah- there will be no other davening
    • Maintain a social distance of 8 feet
      • Some chairs will be provided in groups of 2 chairs each at 8 feet apart
      • Family members living under one roof may sit together, (during the Torah Reading men and women over Bar/Bat Mitzvah sit on their respective sides of the Mechitzah)
    • All attendees must wear proper masks or face coverings at all times
      • Masks may be worn or carried to shul on Yom Tov
    • Torah Reading
      • The Torah Reader will be in the front near the building
      • Please do not bring children or come up closer during the Torah Reading of the 10 Commandments
    • Please return to your homes to finish your prayers/davening and celebrate the Giving of the Torah anew as soon as the Torah Reading is over
    • As this is a brief service, approximately 45 minutes, the Chabad Center will not be open.
    • However, if someone must use a restroom, entry will be allowed under the following conditions:
    • Upon entry, you must wash your hands sanitizer or with soap and water.
    • In the restroom here will be disinfectant sprays, you must sanitize the bathroom
    • Upon leaving the building, please use sanitizer or soap and water.  
    • No roaming around anywhere in the building.
    • Those that are 65 Years and older should speak with and get permission from a physician before attending.
    • Anyone who is "unsure" about how they feel, should not attend 
    • Children may only attend if they will not roam around with others
    • Those who wish to attend, may only do so by pre-registration, and clicking the YES box that agrees to the above protocol
    • While these steps may seem severe and restrictive, please understand that they are totally focused on keeping us all safe and whole in the spirit of the verse "veChai Bahem", "and you shall live through them". Coming to shul to hear the Torah reading is very important, but preserving human life is even more so.
    • As it’s a YomTov, don’t forget that it’s a Mitzvah to be joyous! 
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