Dear Friends,

We are all leaders. Some are leaders of communities, some of families and many are individuals leading by example, very often not even realizing the extent of their reach. Our positive and healthy actions and approach can learn a message from the Coronavirus. The virus has spread from person to person in the most subtle ways imaginable, from a simple touch, to air droplets that linger for up to a minute, etc. In the very same way, don’t underestimate the spread of your positive actions and strength from one individual to another. If the concept exists in a virus, it certainly and more so exists with each and every interaction that we do.

 We too need to take charge of ourselves, our families, and our communities with confidence and clarity, and that can help everyone around us.

 My message today is to please proceed responsibly, yes very cautiously, but without fear. Take a leadership role. Look out for your neighbor and especially those with compromised immune systems.

 That’s the message of both Purim and Passover, the Holidays which we are now in between. When big challenges came up, there were always those who rose to the occasion, and with the G‑d’s help their actions were blessed. On these holidays we celebrate that confidence. That can help everybody.

For those that may be quarantined for Passover (or those who are more comfortable doing it at home this year), we are preparing “Seder To Go” Kits that will contain a Seder Plate, 3 Shmurah Matzah, the five food items needed for the Seder Plate, a Bottle of grape juice, a silver looking plastic Kiddush Cup, and an annotated Hagadah. (Sorry - for the dinner and brisket, etc. you are on your own for now!) Please let us know immediately if you need this (or wish to sponsor them for others.)

If you can, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Edwards by  signing up on the Volunteer page to join our Community Support group. You may be contacted to see if can assist people with needs related to the virus.

When action and the right spirit are harnessed together, they will lead the way.

 Looking forward to a HEALTHY and HAPPY Passover for the entire world,


 Rabbi Levi Fogelman 

(Please see latest update from 4/20/20 at the bottom of this page.) 

P.S.   Things are rapidly changing , but for the present moment, as of this coming Shabbat 3/21/20 the following is still relevant:

On a practical and local level, we have had conversations with two members of the Natick Board of Health on what we can and should be doing at the Chabad Center. They are not (at this point) requesting or suggesting that we cancel services. Below are some guidelines based on our discussions with them:

 Below, right after the letter, are some links to guidelines from the Board of Health, including also a link for the CDC page with their info. If you have not done so already, I would encourage you to review what they write.

 1. If anyone is not feeling well, or if in doubt, please do not come to Shul.

 2. When entering Chabad at anytime, please hang up your coat first, only in the designated area, and then proceed immediately to wash your hands with soap and water (or use purell), at the sinks in the foyer.

 3. Handshaking should be avoided, (but extra warmth should be there when exchanging greetings!)

 4. Seating will be spread out, further apart one from another.

 5. Reflect mentally at the Mezuzah, you don’t need to touch it, as with the Torah when it is brought out during services on Shabbat.

 6. If you will not be coming to shul this week, please let us know so that we can insure a minyan.

 7. We have met with the maintenance, and with food prep people, to increase their vigilance in disinfecting themselves, and all surfaces throughout the building.

 8. At  the present time and until further notice,  Kiddush , Sunday morning Refreshments, etc will be discontinued.

 Above are some of the basics for now. We will keep you posted if there are further updates.





 P.S.S. - Updated note on April 20, after Passover 

 Thank G‑d with the help of those who gave generously of their time and resources, we were able to help many in the community with their Passover needs through our "Seder to Go" campaign and in other ways as well.  Now that we are after Passover, our Covid CAREs program is still ongoing.  We still have volunteers actively helping people in the community with shopping and checking in on the welfare of others.  Please let us know if you need help, if you know of someone who needs help, if you would like to volunteer your time, or if you would like to donate to help others.  You can fill out the appropriate form in the menu of options in this mini-site.  Together we will get through this challenging time and will become stronger as a community of caring.