(This year the 9th of Av falls out on Shabbat the observance is delayed. See below for details.)

Saturday evening, July 21

8:16 pm - The fast begins - before Shabbat is over

9:05 pm - Shabbat ends

9:20 pm - Tisha B'Av Evening services at the Chabad Center - followed by the reading of Aicha - Lamentions.

Sunday, July 22

8:30 am - Tisha B'Av Morning services followed by recital of Kinot - no Talis and Tefillin.

5:30 pm - Video Documentary Presentation for Tisha B'Av
A Twist in the Exile - Movie: Keep Quiet and Discussion
Please click here for more details and to see the facebook event.
7:30 pm - Mincha services - with Talis and Tefillin - followed by the evening services.

8:48 pm - Fast ends

For more information on the 9th of Av including observances, history, insights, multimedia and more click here.