2nd Day Shavous Special over Kiddush - Monday, May 21, 2018, We continue the celebration of the 3,330th anniversary of our marriage to G‑d at Mt. Sinai. *Join us for  the 2nd Day Yom Tov* Kiddush.

The *Parachute Debate - Which of these Mitzvot gets the Parachute?!* will provide and entertaining and educational presentation by a group of our community members.

(A “Parachute Debate takes place when you find yourself on a doomed airplane, with a number of other people, and only one parachute. Each person gets the opportunity to explain in 4 minutes why they deserve the parachute more than anyone else!)

*The Holidays – Which is the Most Important?*

 *In This “Parachute Debate”  local Presenters will argue a knotty Question:   Hear the contestants presents their 4 minute talk on "If you were given a million dollars for a marketing budget to publicize and share the meaning of one Jewish Holiday, which Holiday would that be and most importantly “Why”?  What would this Holiday accomplish better than any other one?  

Shavous - *Tamara Levin*
Simchat Torah - *Chaim Schwartz*
Rosh Hashana - *Esther Rest*
Yom Kippur
Chanukah - *Gary Waleik*
Purim - *Shmuel Bollen*
Tisha Bav - *Yitzchok Cohen*
15th of Av - * Miriam Lukoff*
New Year for the Trees
Contrast 9th Av to 15th Av - *Gerald Clarke*