(This year the 9th of Av falls out on Shabbat the observance is delayed. See below for details.)

Saturday evening, August 13
7:48 pm - The fast begins - before Shabbat is over
8:34 pm - Shabbat ends
9:00 pm - Tisha B'Av Evening services at the Chabad Center - followed by the reading of Aicha - Lamentions.

Sunday, August 14
8:30 am - Tisha B'Av Morning services followed by recital of Kinot - no Talis and Tefillin.
10:00-11:00 am - Video Documentary Presentation for Tisha B'Av -
Triumph of Hope
An Event of Film, Study, and Personal Reflection

The film is a professionally-produced, 25-minute, emotionally-gripping and intense documentary featuring holocaust survivors recounting their own memories of bitachon, mitzvos performed, and Jewish identity maintained in the most horrible moments. It weaves together their personal recollections, stories, and sentiments along with a rare video clip of the Rebbe speaking about the Holocaust.

It is accompanied by a 30-minute JLI learning experience about finding faith during difficult times.

6:45 pm - Mincha services - with Talis and Tefillin - followed by the evening services.

7:40 pm Special Tisha Bav Lecture by Rabbi YY Jacobson (Video Presentation)- “The Secret of Jewish Resilience” - The Philosophers and the Jews Black Eggs and White Cheese

8:18 pm - Fast ends

For more information on the 9th of Av including observances, history, insights, multimedia and more click here.