On Shabbat and Yom Tov, at the end of the Torah reading, prayers are offered for those who are in need of physical healing. The names of specific individuals are mentioned, and we ask G‑d to heal them. Traditionally, congregants whisper names to the Gabbai, and he repeats the names as part of the prayer service called "Mi Shebeirach" (May He who blessed...). Some people are not healthy for extended periods of time, and their names are kept on a list to be mentioned regularly by the Gabbai.

In effort to make our Mi Sheberach system more efficient, we have instituted these guidelines:

1. Names should be submitted via our website before 2:00 PM on Friday, Erev Shabbat.
2. Names will be kept on our list until the next Shabbos Mervarchim. The entire list expires after every Shabbos Mevarchim, after which time they would need to be added again if necessary.
3. If, for some reason, it wasn't possible to submit names in advance online, the Gabbai will still accept names in the traditional method. We strongly encourage everyone to use our website.

A promise to give charity in the merit of the sick is part of the text of the MiShebeirach prayer.  

Ideally we need the unwell person's Hebrew name and their mother's Hebrew name. If you don't know the Hebrew names, enter whatever you know. For non-Jews, please submit the name and the father's name and indicate in the comments.

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