The Chabad Center in Natick is a wonderful place to be - a place of learning, experiencing Judaism in a non-judgmental and joyous environment and a place that is happening and happy - and growing.  Nothing happens by itself.  This page was created to recognize and express appreciation to all who are part of making the Chabad Center what it is.

Thank you to all the people who have committed to volunteer positions...

Yitzchok Cohen for the dedication to his volunteer positions as minyan manager and as building and maintenance manager.  

Shmuel Bollen for his dedication to his volunteer role as gabbai of the Shul. 

Irit Mael for her devotion to her volunteer position as Kiddush Committee Manager as well as to all the members of the kiddush committee.  Everyone appreciates Irit's delicious weekly cholent and the committee's beautiful kiddushes.  

David Joel for his dedication to the upkeep and updating of the Yahrzeit board.

Marlene Aron for her volunteer position as chair of the CBAG Chabad Business Advisory Group as well as all the other members of the group. 

Michoel Milman for his dedication to the adult education Tanya classes.

Victor Gvirtsman for ongoing technical support.

Dena Judah for her dedication to her volunteer position as Mikvah Inventory Manager. 

The dedicated volunteer Mikvah attendants who come on a regular basis, Tamara Levin, Yonah Joel, Sheva Lazaros, Orit Cohen and Chanie Fogelman. 

The back up volunteer Mikvah attendants who are available on occassion when needed, Tanya Bollen, Chanie Chein, Liorah Abrams, Shayna Freeman, Chanie Krinsky, Geni Bleich, and Chana Weisenberg.

All the wonderful people who help with various programs.

All the generous people who contribute financially to help support the great work of Chabad. 

If you would like to take on a volunteer position at the Chabad Center, please email

If there is someone who you believe should be mentioned here, please email