We are putting together the 5779 (2018-2019) Jewish Calendar. Now is the time to place your Birthdays, Anniversaries, Yahrtziets, BIZ ADS or Dedications.



Our Calendar

Our calendar is more than just informative and attractive. With the option to include your own greeting or to record your yahrtzeit, birthday, or other special event in the calendar, it truly represents the community.


In addition to the service the calendar provides, it is also an opportunity for you gain exposure for your business, while supporting the Chabad Center in Natick in its vital work.

Your ad will be prominently displayed at the top of the dates page, or on the ad pages, where it will be seen by the thousands of people in the Metrowest Jewish Community who rely on our calendar every year.

By advertising with us you will gain the trust of the consumer who will view you as a supporter of our community.

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AD Specifications on Calendar Month

____ Business Card Ad - 1/3 month ad (3.5" X 2")   $300

____ Double Business Card - 2/3 Month Ad (7" X 2") $600

____ Triple Business Card - Full Month Ad (10.5" X 2") $900

____ Business Card Ad - Runs Every Month (X 13)  $2000 

Ad Specifications: Inside Cover Designated Ad Page

____ Full Page (7.5" X 10")                                  $1000

____ Half Page (7.5" X 5" or 3.75" X 10")           $500


Ad Specifications: Other

____ Back Cover (10" X 3.75")  (minus small mailing area)        $1500

____ Sponsorship of Entire Calendar                   $3000
        Includes on Back Cover and Business Ad Every Month  

For More Information call: (508) 650-1499

Scroll down (below graphic) to make your online Calendar Order

After you placed your order; You can Send all ARTWORK as camera ready to  office@ChabadNatick.com  

Or send Check with Birthday Info, Art Work or BIZ CARDS ASAP to:

Chabad Center (Calendar), 159 Boden Lane, Natick, MA 01760

DEADLINE: June 22nd, 2018      




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For greetings, be sure to indicate the event type (brithday, anniversary, yartzeit, etc...) and the date. 
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