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2nd Day Shavous Special over Kiddush - Thursday, June 1, 2017 - We continue the celebration of the 3,330th anniversary of our marriage to G‑d at Mt. Sinai. *Join us for the 2nd Day Yom Tov* Kiddush.

(A “Parachute Debate” takes place when you find yourself on a doomed airplane, with a number of other people, and only one parachute. Each person gets the opportunity to explain in 4 minutes why they deserve the parachute more than anyone else!)



*If G‑d gave you the power to do so-

Which Famous Righteous Jewish Person from the Torah or the Prophets would you like to meet, and bring back alive to help the world today?

What does this particular person have MORE than others?

How would that person fit in our Society?*

*The “Parachute Debate” will feature Local Presenters will argue the case for their Torah Personality as being the most beneficial for the world today.*

*1.* * ABRAHAM ”:* *As spokesman for the Almighty’s first Jewish person and Social Service par excellence ( that’s French) person in the world, Chaplain Mchoel Milman will be presenting the argument for Avraham Avinu.

*2.* JOSEPH *was a powerful leader who went from rags to riches and had a kaleidoscope of experiences, Our dedicated Senior Program Analyst, Tamara Levin will scrutinize and clarify with wit and wisdom the case for Yosef.*

*3.* * ISAIAH” who had prophetic vision and encouragement for all times, will have a proxy, Dr. Jack Leitner who will present the case for Isaiah who has just the right medicine to cure the ailments of modern society.

*4.* * RABBI SHIMON BAR YOCHAI who revealed the inner dimension and light of Torah, and brought inner harmony between the material and spiritual aspects ofthe world, will be presented by our Yitzchok Cohen Hakohen, a leading Kashrut Expert in the Boston area who brings spiritual awareness to physical food.

*5.* * DOVID HAMELECH* whose Yartzeit is on Shavout, and who with humility and courage prepared the way for the building of the first Temple will be presented by * Researcher, User Experience Expert & Seasoned Gabbai Shmuel Bollen who will bring back King Dovid to help society greet Moshiach today.

*6.* MORDECHAI * who inspired a generation to Teshuva and overturned society in his times, will come alive again with a colorful flair and portrayal through Artist and Community Activist, Chana Milman as she shares her insights and wisdom.

*7.* MOSES* or Moshe Rabeinu to the rest of us… will be expertly presented by dedicated full time Student of the Law of Moses Kollel Member Chaim Schwartz who ensures that our future is bright when our past is vitally present.

*8.* *  YAAKOV ”:* *As our spiritual forebearer  who needed true clear and persuasive arguments to defend himself  from people like Esau and Lavan, our expert Attorney Steve Black will take the case for Yaakov  Avinu.

*8.* * MIRIAM ”:* *As a woman who courageously developed the education and spirit of Judaism for Jewish children amidst the base character of Egyptian  culture,  namesake and Educator Miriam Lukoff will share the lesson of Jewish identity we all need to learn.


Disclaimer: The above descriptions of the talks are the website editors literary license and do not necessarily represent the actual content to be presented.