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Soup in the Sukkah was everything it promised and more. On Wedenesday of Sukkot, a mild October evening, a group of about 15 women gathered to celebrate the holiday in the true spirit of comradie - enjoying shmoozing, sharing personal stories on the theme of unity, singing, as well as the flavorful mushroom and carrot ginger soups. Thanks to Maya Shliselberg and Annette Ziegler for hosting in their joint Sukkah and for preparing the delicious soups at Chabad the evening before!
Wednesday Night: Blasting music and a whole lotta people in costume created the perfect atmosphere for this Wednesday night's Purim Party. Haman's name was booed to great acclaim, followed by loud silences as the children quickly became absorbed a grand Megillah bingo. The ice cream and Piñata (thanks Natalie and Chanan!) was back again this year and has quickly become tradition. Mucho gracias to Chef Oren for the beautifully arrayed fresh veggies.

Thursday: Was the Rabbi talking too close to the microphone at this Thursday night's Purim party? Not according to the answers texted in by the participants who nonchalantly ate their Chinese food without chopsticks. Yes, this year's
We have lots of photos of Chabad's Silver Anniversary Gala but it's taking time to upload all the photos onto this website. In the meantime, you can cut and paste this link for lots more photos:

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On Sunday, November 4, the women were treated to the second annual Spa for Body and Soul. Even before starting time, the women swarmed in. From registration with coffee and refreshments, to workshops on nutrition, exercise and self-defense to a phenominal keynote address by Rivkah Slonim on "A Candid Look at Love and Intimacy", to delicious lunch buffet by Sara Eller and crew, to exciting pampering stations, it was truly a physical and spiritual retreat. The program was a joint project of WELL - Women's Event's of Living and Learning and the local Hadassah. Thanks to the amazing committee for making this possible!
Credits to Chava Khazanovitz for photos, as well as Becca Edwards!
On Thursday, May 3, 2012, a group of about 20 Maimonides Seniors came for a visit to the Mikvah. The tour began with a discussion of the What, When, How and Why of Mikvah. Upon entering the preparation room, the girls were heard saying, "Wow! This looks like a spa!"
Tours can be arranged for groups and/or individuals who wish to learn about Mikvah by contacting
On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, a group of women came to tour the Mikvah. The group was organized by Mrs. Sheva Lazaros, of the Bais Chabad in Framingham who is also a dedicated volunteer at the mikvah. The women enjoyed learning about the Mitzvah of mikvah and ended off the tour with a hand-on opportunity at the dish mikvah. For more information about mikvah tours, please contact
A mini “Summer Yeshiva” held at Chabad Natick July 24 to 26. On Tuesday evening an in-depth Chavruta – partner study program was held. Adult Students from around the Metrowest studied the texts that form the basis for the Mitzva of keeping Kosher. Rabbi Yakov Lazaros was on hand for a captivating Q&A session on practical modern application. Rabbi Lazaros also concluded a tractate of the Talmud as is customary during the nine days preceding Tisha Bav and refreshments were served. On Wednesday Rabbi Fogelman delivered his weekly Torah Class on “Opportunites in Disguise” and the hidden value of Tisha Bav.On Thursday evening students delved into a text from the book of Maimonides on t