Sunday, March 5 - 4:30pm
Followed by Supper (included) at 5:30pm
Fun for All Ages - Children and Adults!

at the Chabad Center • 159 Boden Lane in Natick

Thank you to everyone who already signed up.  We are looking forward to having fun together!
The advance online RSVP is now disabled.  You may join us later at the door. 
If you wish to let us know, you may email

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Pre-paid Online Price: $8 per person (age 3 and up) | Family max: $30
At Door: $10 per person (no family max discount)

Put on aprons and bakers caps and take out those rolling pins and bake some of the most delicious Hamantashen you've ever tasted!

The Hamentash Workshop is a hands-on workshop, where participants Learn the "ins" and "outs" of making the most perfect Hamentash, along with the spiritual meanings behind the Purim holiday treat. Participants of all ages make their own batch of Hamentashen and get to take it all home to enjoy. (Freezing tips included.)

Through an interactive presentation, participants will enjoy a fun program which will also include an orientation on the traditions and story of Purim.

  • Get tips on how to make great Hamentashen - (that will make your Bubby proud)
  • Fun choices of fillings including chocolate, strawberry and so much more!
  • Bring home a batch of these three-cornered treats to share with family and friends
  • Interactive program for the whole Family For kids of all ages—a family together experience! For children and adults

*Family friendly supper menu includes: Hot dogs, fries, pasta with and without sauce, soup and salad

Please note that this will be an action-packed schedule and we don't want you to miss any part of it so please make sure to be on time.

Advance RSVP is optional but encouraged, very helpful and appreciated - and will get you in at a lower price.